Our Strategists

Our interview strategists, are trained facilitators with over 25 years of combined experience in social services , law and security, corrections and policing. Personal knowledge and recent success during the behavioural interview process will be used to aid others in reaching there career goals. Behavioural interviews are used in all emergency service fields including police recruitment, government job opportunities and business oriented hiring to ensure the most capable and competent candidate gets hired.

Behavioural Concepts is an educational products and services company whose expertise is in behavioural interviewing and the relationship awareness theory which helps individuals understand their motives for why they do what they do. This is how we are different we teach individuals how to tell their stories and articulate their motives, feelings and behaviours for why they did what they did. We specialize in preparing individuals for the police essential competency interview.

Behavioural Concepts’ mission is to create an environment for the employment candidate to understand how they are perceived in the police recruitment process and to use the information gained to grow personally and then succeed during the Essential Competency Interview.

At Behavioural Concepts we build careers in policing, one success story at a time.