Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed below all the most common queries our clients have. Whenever someone asks us a new question, whether by phone, by email or by post, we make a note of it and ensure the answer appears here to help other clients in the future.

If you can’t find an answer to your query then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Order Process, Fees and Payment

What happens after I send my order in?

A representative of Behavioural Concepts will be in contact with you within 48 hrs.

Does the purchase include all applicable taxes?

Listed prices with the products exclude taxes, your tax will be added at the checkout.

How long does the service take?

Depending on the product that is purchased a full description page will outline the time commitment.

Do I need to come in?

It is our purpose to try and offer both personalized 1-on-1 services, in person or with downloadable content with additional phone support as well as web based learning tools. Skype is also an available option.

Does Behavioural Concepts provide follow-up for its products and services?

Behavioural Concepts has ensured that our products and services have full support. Check the individual product for guidelines.

When do I pay for the 1-on-1 services?

Payment is due at time of receiving the service or product, or ahead of time if ordering online.

What types of payment options are available?

Currently we process MasterCard and VISA online; and MasterCard, VISA, Debit Card and cash at the time of received service. American Express and cheques of any kind are not accepted.

What happens if I have a problem with a credit card or debit card order?

We appreciate your business, if there are any problems or error messages observed when completing an order we would like you to contact us immediately by phone (905 242 8880) or email .  Do not order 2 times.

How do we schedule an appointment with Behavioural Concepts?

Scheduling is based on managing both your availability and ours. We have flexible schedules, best practice is to call us and discuss the options. We just want you to succeed in your career aspirations.


What do I need to bring when I am planning on attending a Mock 1-on-1 Interview session?

Behavioural Concepts understands that this process is daunting. We believe in making things as simple as possible.  Please bring a copy of your resume, cover letter and related information to your appointment.  Dress is casual; we want you to be relaxed and comfortable while learning.

Is Behavioural Concepts prepared to answer my many questions?

Behavioural Concepts strives to be knowledgeable during all phases of the hiring process. If Behavioural Concepts can’t answer your questions we will seek out the answers through research and provide them back to you the client as quickly as possible.

How long in advance of my Law Enforcement interview should I attend Behavioural Concepts?

Behavioural Concepts like most employers believe the best candidate is the most prepared candidate so don’t wait. Get prepared!

Where does Behavioural Concepts get its information?

Behavioural Concepts has done extensive research regarding Law Enforcement career preparation. We pride ourselves for being current and a leader in understanding the pitfalls and difficulties within each law enforcement recruitment processes.

What is the background of the Behavioural Concepts Interview strategists?

Over 25 years of Law Enforcement and Mental Health experience. The strategists have extensive training in Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Awareness. This educational background has then been utilized to better understand Behavioural Competencies

What resources are available about behavioural interviewing and what you offer?

Behavioural Concepts has compiled our knowledge to create an E-manual/eBook that is a digital pdf file essential in your preparation for the daunting interview phase of any law Enforcement career.

What work related field has Behavioural Concepts prepared candidates for?

Police, Fire, Ems, Call taking, Dispatcher, Customer Service Representative, Canadian Border Services, Special Constable, Auxiliary Police, Military Police, Royal Bank, Corrections Canada, Brinks, Hydro One, and other corporate positions. Behavioural Interviewing is used in all these fields to ensure the best candidate gets the position.