Behavioural Interviewing

The Police Essential Competency/Blended Interview is a new and more effective style of interviewing. This interview is behavioural in nature. This technique is based on the premise that your past behaviour is the best predictor of your  future behaviour. It is used by today’s police recruiters to evaluate a candidate’s experiences and behaviours in order to determine their potential for success.

The recruitment sections of police services in Ontario have identified desired skills and competencies that applicants must exhibit in order to become a police officer. Structured open-ended questions and statements are then used to elicit detailed responses from the applicant during the Essential Competency Interview. A rating system is developed and selected criteria are evaluated. As a candidate, you should be prepared to answer the questions and statements thoroughly. It is important to remember behavioural interviews are all about you!

The essential competencies that today’s police services seek are within all of us we just have to recognize them! Behavioural Concepts products can assist you with achieving your dreams in Policing with their services, starting with the Pre-background questionnaire to the mock interview preparation for the Essential Competency Interview.  This method of interviewing addresses things that you have done in the past by drawing on examples from your education, workplaces, social interaction and community interests and general life experience. The interview will also include discussion on the extent to which your professional interests and aspirations align with policing.

Behavioural Interviewing is the standard method of interviewing for all  Criminal Justice Careers and Government Jobs.

Behavioural Concepts will show you how to tell your story.

Preparation is the key to achieving your career of becoming a Law Enforcement Officer.