Critique Yourself

Are you ready to invest in your policing career?

If you answer NO to more than 2 of these questions, we would recommend interview coaching, so that you do not waste your opportunity!

  1. Have you interviewed for a Police Service? YES NO
  2. Have you ever failed a police interview? YES NO
  3. Have you ever taken part in a mock interview? YES NO
  4. Should you prepare for your Essential Competency Interview? YES NO
  5. Do you know the Essential Competencies that are important for Police Services in Ontario? YES NO
  6. Do you know how to formulate answers to behavioural questions? YES NO
  7. Do you have your best “stories” written, practiced and memorized? YES NO
  8. Did you know 70% of all applicants fail this interview the first time?YES NO

Increase your confidence with knowledge, practice and feedback from interview strategists who have recently experienced the Police Essential Competency Interview. With our 92% success rate with the interview we know we can help you to.

If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.