Prepare Yourself

Essential Preparation

Lack of preparation is the single most overlooked aspect of the police recruitment process. The Essential Competency Interview (ECI) is the primary reason most suitable candidates do not achieve their goals. Our clients, will succeed because they are thoroughly prepared, well-organized and highly focused on their career goal.

At Behavioural Concepts we believe that:

  • It is one thing to recognize the question as being behavioural
  • It is another to understand what behaviour is and how those behaviours are perceived by others
  • The difference is that we are focusing on self-perception, self-awareness and the ability to adapt your behaviour to become more in line with the core motivational values of the recruiter, police service or company.
  • We want to educate the candidate about himself or herself and then provide the candidate with the tools to properly answer the questions.
  • Using the knowledge learned about themselves you can find the appropriate stories that demonstrate the specific competencies of the job.
  • We have to make the candidate aware of the essential and developmental competencies today’s employers value while also making them understand why these skills are so important to the future success of the workforce.

Behavioural Concepts will use this theory to get our point across:

Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I will remember,
Involve me and I will understand.