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The Essential Competency Interveiw (ECI) or the blended interview can often be the stumbling block that prevents highly qualified candidates from reaching their goal of becoming a Police Officer. Once these candidates initially fail the interview process they often give up on their dream thinking they are not qualified when in fact it is often a misunderstanding of the competencies and criteria used for evaluation. Behavioural Concepts understands the desired skills and competencies that recruitment departments are looking for and can easily work with the candidate to ensure they reach the next level of their career. The online workshop is designed to introduce participants to behavioural interviewing concepts, while promoting self growth and the relationship awareness theory. These strategies will enable the candidates to be successful in the Police Essential Competency Interview. While watching the workshop you will learn the specific core competencies that today’s Police Services value. We will show you how to recognize and answer behavioural interview questions using the STAR method of interviewing. The online workshop includes the e-manual.


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